What does a DSP active system sound like?

Legend Acoustics Tikandi

It looks as though the Legend Acoustics Tikandi system is pretty much an ideal speaker by my criteria (sealed enclosure, active DSP crossover & correction). The following extracts are from this review:

…DSP works so well it has ruined me for anything else…

…I’ve barely listened to my system in the many months since the Tikandi system left my room. At the next CES I attended, with a few exceptions, I could barely sit through most of the demos because I had grown so accustomed to the natural and lifelike sound of the Tikandi system. Everything sounded broken to me….

…There was a vividness and palpability to the presentation that was unlike anything you will likely hear without the benefit of DSP. The localization of not just instrumental images but also ambience cues brought not just the music to life but brought the entire event to life. A “you are there” quality would transport you to the recorded space in a remarkably seductive way…

…The phrase “instruments well placed within the sound stage” doesn’t even begin to describe what I heard. Each instrument became distinct in a whole new way. One of the advantages of DSP, and I think this has mostly to do with correcting the phase response, is things just come into focus in a way that only happens in the most expensive, most painstakingly set up systems (which includes dealing with the room acoustics)…

…The bass was exceptionally well defined with an almost luminescent quality. It was at the same time both thunderous and well controlled creating some of the best bass I’ve ever heard in my room. In fact the bass drum on this recording didn’t even sound like the same instrument I had been hearing… so many nuances were revealed that had been previously masked…


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