A 7Hz Wall of Bass

A wall of bass…

Quite an interesting story here.

Powersoft D-Cell504 IS high power amplifier modules have been specified to drive a unique ‘Wall of Bass’ in an Austrian nightclub — as low as 7Hz….

…For the rear wall, behind the 6 x 5 meter stage, 400 kg special concrete blocks were cast and set into a 6 x 3 metre wall, using 13 tons of heavy concrete and a further 35 tons for the foundation — requiring a monumental effort… 

…Each concrete block serves as loudspeaker enclosure with pressure-resistant rear chamber which implements the perfect impulse response of a ‘closed-box’ design and maximizes the radiation resistance of the woofers through the acoustically hard surface. …

 …“A perfect plane wave is created in the interior of the club, which naturally moves along the side walls and doesn’t induce any room modes. The rear of the main floor was converted into a single bass trap to absorb the incoming wave. …

…“such an operating range and evenness of the low frequencies is overwhelming”…

…Powersoft were able to deliver 25,600 watts amping power, including 4in voice coil with custom made venting system using hardened membrane….

…“The data we measured melts in one’s mouth,” summarised Reinhard Nell. “The sound pressure level is beyond 140dB and absolutely equal at any point in the room (not that anyone would need such sound pressure levels). And you don’t have the possibility to feel 7Hz throughout your whole body every day.” Summing up, Steffen Kroschel says that everyone who has played through the system has been hugely impressed. “For some it has changed their awareness of music.”


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