The first time I ever heard stereo

I can remember the exact moment. My dad had tried to explain to me the difference between true stereo and just wiring up a second speaker to a mono radio – and failed. I went with him to the hi fi retailer Comet to pick up our new Tandberg receiver. Unfortunately they didn’t yet have the Tandberg speakers or Thorens record deck in stock, but we bought some Koss K6 LC headphones. That evening we attached some wires to make an FM aerial, and plugged in the headphones. My dad tuned in BBC Radio 2 – some big band programme I think – and handed me the headphones. Of course, within a fraction of a second I understood what stereo was. This would have been round about 1972-73.


Tandberg TR1010

This Tandberg receiver seems to be going for a reasonable price

koss k6

Koss K6 headphones. Our version of these headphones had a slider volume control on each earcup. []


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