Beatles Covers

beatleproject3coverIt is well known that the Beatles aren’t on Spotify, and I find that I listen to them much less than I used to. But a marvellous thing about Spotify is that it has many brilliant cover versions, many of which I find I enjoy almost as much as the originals. For example, there has been a charity project called The Minnesota Beatles Project that has produced five albums-worth of covers performed by local bands – they obviously have a lot of great bands in Minnesota.

Some of my favourites from the MBP and others:

  • Something by Romantica – MBP Vol 1
  • I am the Walrus by Pert Near Sandstone – MBP Vol 2
  • Strawberry Fields Forever by Ice Palace – MBP Vol 1
  • Good Morning Good Morning by Soul Asylum – MBP Vol 2
  • Hey Bulldog by White Light Riot – MBP Vol 3
  • Cry Baby Cry by Caroline Smith & The Good night Sleeps – MBP Vol 4
  • Day Tripper by Sonny Knight and the Lakers – MBP Vol 5
  • Mother Nature’s Son by The Okee Dokee Brothers – MBP Vol 5
  • Taxman by Music Machine – (Turn On) the Music machine
  • Only a Northern Song by The Blue Meanis – Harrisongs Vol 1
  • Helter Skelter by Michael Davis – Songs the Beatles Wrote
  • I am the Walrus by Buddha Lounge Ensemble – Beatles Go Electro
  • Come Together by Tok Tok Tok – Revolution 69
  • I am the Walrus by Affinity – 70s Box

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