“Analogue gear is fighting off the digital revolution in music recording”


Article in Engineering and Technology Magazine.

“…what is it about them that has captivated people for decades? The answer is simple: audio engineers often prefer their sound to digital units.”

I am not convinced. I think this towards the end is closer to the truth:

“The analogue gear acts like an inspiring, creative environment which affects the mood and indeed the final result. Knobs that ask to be grabbed, with a nice feel and inspiring look, it’s all part of the creative process.”

I think that part of the problem with computerised recording is the overwhelming choice of virtual gear that’s there just for the downloading. It’s too easy to get sucked into doing nothing but searching for the “perfect reverb” amongst a selection of hundreds. Often it would be better to be presented with a choice of one room and to just get on with it.

In a programme about the BBC Radiophonic Workshop I seem to recall one of the sentiments being that in the 1960s they were forced to improvise with rudimentary equipment, and that many of their most celebrated sounds, effects and musical pieces were based on pure serendipity.


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