Kraftwerk: Pop Art


Kraftwerk: Pop Art on BBC4 told us about the band’s rise from hippie origins to their current god-like status, with talking heads aplenty describing how their music had influenced disco, techno, hip hop etc. etc. Paul Morley (yes, him again, but that’s not a bad thing) said that the Beatles were a cultural full stop, while Kraftwerk influenced pretty much everything that came after them. At times, the eulogising was near hysterical, and for a couple of moments during the programme I half-wondered if I was being taken in by a spoof documentary. The programme was only about the band’s work, and fastidiously avoided any temptation to delve into their personalities or private lives.

My own personal opinion of Kraftwerk is that I love the sounds, and some of the tunes, but I have always winced at the singing…


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