A Waste of Energy

The EU is engaged in a continuous clampdown on inefficient appliances including light bulbs, vacuum cleaners, central heating pumps, and now coffee makers.

I wonder whether they will ever take an interest in hi-fi equipment. After all, someone running a 100W stereo Class A amplifier can expect to burn 600W or more of power continuously! And that could be for several hours each day. This would more than wipe out the energy saved when the EU banned filament bulbs and forced the audiophile to buy LEDs for his house.

They might also look at the Devialet Phantom, which burns 3000W to achieve a sound level that could be reached at much lower powers simply by using a larger box – and will probably sell in much greater numbers than the Pass XA100.5. Sure it’s Class D and probably just as efficient as a Class AB system at lower volumes, but it’s still a flagrant ‘up yours’ gesture in the face of the green-ness that we’re all supposed to espouse – the green-ness that means that non-home owners are forced to subsidise homeowners’ profits from solar cells on their roofs, while other people burn off that energy for no actual benefit whatsoever.

I don’t suppose the EU will take an interest because the numbers aren’t big enough. But even if they were, I believe that the audio world is so far away in the land of the fairies that if the EU consulted the industry ‘experts’ on the matter, the officials who are taking such a hard line on coffee makers would actually be persuaded that there simply is no substitute for 600W of continuous wasted heat if we want to reproduce the sound of an acoustic guitar really well.


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