It seems that there is a new smart interface for your music collection, mentioned here and here.


I’ll bet it is good if you like that sort of thing – but worth $119 a year? You decide.

Many’s the time with Spotify I have wished that it could simply display a full screen image of the album art while playing – not much to ask, but seemingly too difficult to arrange. Not to mention being able to sort search results, a useful facility that seemed to disappear with an update some time ago and is bitterly regretted by the users – but bizarrely lives on in the Linux version (I have been trying to work out the story behind why they thought it was a good idea to remove it, but can’t!). Clearly, it must be possible to do something better in the non-Spotify world, and I have every confidence in roon.

But something caught my eye in the various mentions around the web: people are enquiring about roon’s sound quality, and no one knows, or wants to give them a straight answer.

Well let me do it: the sound quality will be exactly what you can get / are getting right now. There is no mystery. Digital audio is not mysterious. It is just numbers. A new user interface is not going to change the numbers. And unless something is very wrong, it is not going to change how the numbers are sent to your DAC. OK?


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