The Rise and Fall of Sony

An article about Sony by the always-interesting Stephen Bayley.

I am trying to think what the last Sony item I bought was. I think it was the AV amplifier I am using for my active crossover system, and this really does seem like a good product – although it is just one of many similar products in a crowded marketplace.

I certainly used to regard Sony as a benchmark for quality design, but I recall a fairly up-market MP3 player that was just plain flaky. An amplifier of theirs distorts audibly when playing a 1 kHz sine wave. Another amplifier had been designed so that live uninsulated wires carrying mains were directly below a ventilation grille. An FM tuner needed its backup battery replacing after a couple of years and I think they wanted £70 to replace it – which of course I didn’t pay. A desktop PC looked very nice but ran hot and was incredibly noisy.

Yes, I think the article may be right.

UPDATE 01.03.16

How could I have forgotten this desperate, cynical ploy?



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