“Bringing acoustic perfection to the public”

club hi fi

Another audio-related article in the Guardian. This time about a hipster-ish trend for hi-fi systems in pubs and clubs.

Tucked away among the hustle and grot of the east London district of Dalston is Brilliant Corners, an initially unassuming little bar… where jazz, disco and electronic music can be heard over the kind of huge Klipschorn speakers that make sound enthusiasts and club historians go weak at the knees…

I have noticed this trend. There are even hints of it in my home town, with pubs and trendy cafés making a feature of vinyl-based sound systems. One café has a vinyl record shop in the basement which usually seems packed.

The dead hand of audiophilia and its need to validate the experience with high prices is never far away, however, with the article suggesting that this is all about bringing £500,000 of extraordinary performance within reach of the masses. In reality, surely, it’s all about a convivial atmosphere and something a bit ‘retro’. One pub I know plays music on an old radiogram that might have cost £50 on eBay and this, it seems to me, achieves the same objectives.


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