More digital cable fun

Audiostream has another digital cable promotional article.

Within it is a little aside of a type that I often see:

<some company> is choosing to keep mum on the specifics relating to how these cable’s differing materials and construction impart different sonic flavors.

In fact no one has ever revealed the secret of how an ethernet cable (or any cable for that matter) imparts different sonic flavours – for the simple reason that it is impossible. We know it is impossible because this is a man-made, engineered system, one of whose primary purposes is to make it impossible. If, in fact, an ethernet cable physically changes the sound (as opposed to placebo effects), then this is not a digital audio system at all. It would probably be best to repair it, re-design it, or throw it away sell it to the nearest person who believes that manufacturers of audio cables “keep mum” only because they have valuable secrets to safeguard.


One thought on “More digital cable fun

  1. As long as the packets arrive I don’t see how a digital cable can have different sonic quality’s. I just bought a 14′ CAT6 cable at Walmart for my Blu Ray player to stream with for 14.00 and it works just fine I would think the data rate for video would be much more demanding than a audio signal and the picture is crystal clear. I can think of much better ways to spend 1100.00 dollars than on a Ethernet cable.


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