Want to hear my DIY system?

Just a thought. If anyone out there wanted to hear my DIY system, or to demonstrate and talk about their own, we could have a ‘speaker design workshop’. Preferably around Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK…

If you are considering building a DIY system based on DSP it could be a chance to hear how it could sound – in one configuration at least. We could certainly demonstrate the effects of changing crossover frequencies and slopes and that sort of thing.

We could also demonstrate the newly-converted KEF Concords.

I have a local place in mind where we could hire a pretty big room, or some smaller rooms, and they would provide lunch and coffee etc. Could be a good way to spend a day..?

If you’re interested, drop me a line on therationalaudiophile@yahoo.co.uk.


3 thoughts on “Want to hear my DIY system?

  1. Hmm – I thought you were in Cambridge? Wakefiled is … not so local.

    Maybe we could try Scalford sometime: http://www.thehifishow.com/

    It does see bigger and more ‘mainstream’. Never been, but at least some of the rooms look to have been interesting from the interactive maps.

    The Americans seem to write up their meets – anyone know if Scalford is written up?


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