How often do you stumble across an album by an artist you were completely unaware of, and find that it’s as good as anything you’ve heard in your life? It’s nice when it happens!

Ever heard of Jobriath? I hadn’t. It seems he was going to be the next big thing in 1973 but the world wasn’t quite ready for him. Anyway, I just listened to the album Jobriath which I have somehow managed to miss until now. Fantastic music with unusual arrangements and unexpected twists and turns – check out the piano part on Inside. Beautiful, fresh recording. Surely this is as good as David Bowie or Elton John. The highlight of the album for me is I’m a Man which, among its many virtues, uses a harpsichord to great effect.


One thought on “Jobriath

  1. I’ll have to check that out, for me I was at Best Buy going through a cd cut out bin in the mid 90’s and found this cd by a band called Happy Head it had cool art work so what the hey for 1.99 I bought it and it is my most played cd in my collection. Came to find out Carl Marsh of Shriek Back is the one who put Happy Head together as a experimental project. This disc has more hooks and grooves that is pure ear candy. I bought a sealed copy off Amazon so I have a back up and it’s cool the cd is packaged in the tall cardboard box they used for awhile to keep theft down. Happy Listening All !


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