Yamaha A-S2100


The 70s are back. Seen here, I very much like the look of this! I’ll bet the quality is probably rather better than the originals whose looks it is modelled on, too.

I would need three of them for my system, of course…


3 thoughts on “Yamaha A-S2100

    1. Right, I just noticed you already said that…

      The other factor to consider is power supply utilization. When you spectrally separate the signal the power supply required channel is substantially reduced. In fact, it stands to reason that the power supply required for your six channels is the same as required for two full range channels. And since the power supply is a large cost of the amplifier it doesn’t really make sense to use three two channel amplifiers.

      This is another reason the integrated multi-channel AVR approach works so well. The units are rated for, say 100W RMS two channels driven with a sinusoid at 1kHz. The power supply that supplies this energy is also nicely designed for driving 6 channels of spectrally separated audio as well. Some brands are extremely well engineered and insanely cost efficient. And, if your spectrally separated signal provided by 6 HDMI audio channels of the surround-sound (say L,R, Ls, Rs, Lrs, Rrs) then you only need one cable. And say your audio source is a mac mini which is also doing the spectral separation, well, then you have a very tidy system indeed. Especially if you use the itunes remote app on your iPhone to control the music.

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      1. Yes, I use an AV amp myself, although I started out in this active malarkey with a stack of three different models of amplifier. My AV amp is one with analogue inputs, but I definitely need to investigate the HDMI route.

        Absurdly someone tells me that they managed to buy the same Sony amp as mine for £40 recently!


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