Roger Scruton on Pop

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A very enjoyable programme.


2 thoughts on “Roger Scruton on Pop

  1. I’m not sure “enjoyable” is the correct word. Scruton’s rarefied definition of music reminds me of my parents 45 years ago. For my entertainment there’s nothing like a good rant and unfortunately this is nothing like… I can just leave this comment unsupported by rational argument and any details of what constitutes real music and still perfectly reflect Scruton’s nebulous negativism. Or I could expand and bore everyone for the next nine minutes. But I won’t.


    1. Please expand on it! I wouldn’t be bored, honestly.

      I just enjoyed his piece because he is saying things that I sometimes think, secretly.

      IMO he isn’t saying that ‘pop’ is bad per se. I think with his reference to some Metallica he liked, he is open to the idea that good music is good music no matter its superficial label. I very much agree with him that some taste is better than others. He may think that his taste is better than mine, but that doesn’t offend me in the slightest. At least he is the sort of person you could have a debate with about it.


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